Akermans Art


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Devon Colchord Reflections

Reflections of the Devon Tower and the Colchord Hotel in OKC in a fountain pond outside the botanical gardens.


Macro photo taken of an icicle hanging from my balcony canopy after a recent snowstorm that has been turned sideways and enhanced with a bluish filter that brings out the details in the ice.

Prairie Oaks Sunset

The sunset in June 2012 over a quarry pond at Prairie Oaks Metro Park outside Galloway, Ohio that was re-edited in January 2013. Shot using the zoom feature on a Sony 16mp camera.

Mum's The Word

Macro photo of a pom pom mum in bright sunshine converted to the monochromatic format using Nik Software.

Tulip with Raindrops 2013

Macro photo of a tulip on my patio I had just watered that had great texture to it. Converted to the monochrome using Nik Silver Efex software.

Purple Abstraction

This is what happens when I shoot photos of the flowers on my patio at lunchtime then edit then. This deep purple columbine was screaming out to be edited in a more intense and abstract manner.